On Dec. 7, 2004, I purchased another case of Lewis Labs Lecithin®.  While talking to the lady who answered the phone, I asked why it didn't say anything on your label about what Lewis Labs Lecithin® can do.  

She told me that you cannot make any medical claims about the benefits from Lewis Labs Lecithin® so I thought I would tell you about my use of it and what benefits my husband and I are getting by using it.  

Both of us have a lot of joint pain in our knees and also a lot of stiffness in the joints. We began using the Lewis Labs Lecithin® by mixing one tablespoon of Lecithin with orange juice or pineapple juice daily.  

We didn't realize it all at once how much good it was doing but we realized we were walking better and having only a twinge now and then.  About two weeks ago, we had to leave home real early in the morning and missed our daily use of Lewis Labs Lecithin®.  We realized after three days we were getting stiff in the knees again and having trouble climbing stairs.  

We went back to our daily dosage and now we are fine again.

Ruby A.

Dear Lewis Labs;

I have been a user of your Lewis Labs Lecithin® granules since the early 1990's. I can truly say that I know the difference and quality you offer as compared to other nationally known lecithin brands. Because I would shop around for better deals, I quickly discovered that other companies began to use GMO soy, because the products could no longer respond to my body’s needs. Needless to say I have continued to stick with your product and I pass the info on every chance I get.

Thank you Lewis Labs for not compromising. God bless you, I love you and I wish your company continued, great success.

Beverly S.

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