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The Lecithin is Back!

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Lewis Labs is happy to announce our newest supply of The Lecithin is available for you.
We know how much you love our delicious Lecithin.

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How to get the Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer of The Lecithin:

  1. Click on the

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  2. Select the total number of bottles you wish to receive. For example:
    • If you want Buy 3 get 1, select 4 bottles
    • If you want Buy 6 get 2, select 8 bottles 
    • If you want Buy 9 get 3, select 12 bottles
    • If you want Buy 12 get 4, select 16 bottles
  3. The checkout system will make the adjustment to reflect the sale price.

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Your satisfaction is our number one mission so to thank you for waiting as we were out of stock of The Lecithin, we’re offering this sale to show you we care about your health and wellness.
The Lecithin gives you the essentials needed to continue your journey of living the healthiest life.
Thank you for making Lewis Labs and Lecithin part of your daily living.
We look forward to continuing to offer our loyal customers the best products available in health supplements.