Cat Formula (8oz)


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Each can contains a 45-day supply of all vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients essential for cats which are undersupplied in ordinary cat food.

If you believe those wonderful people who bring us corn flakes, bleached flour and cigarettes do better by our pets than they do by us, don’t bet on it! In fact, advertising claims notwithstanding, no commercial pet food available is a “complete” diet.  It is a “by-product” business and a highly profitable one.

Junk Food

What’s wrong with those well-advertised commercial pet foods? Primarily, it is the low quality of the ingredients from which they are made. The food and drug administration has no ingredient standards for pet foods. Consequently, most of the meat, poultry and by-products used are rejects that do not meet the wholesomeness standards of the United States Department of Agriculture for human consumption. These rejects include dead, dying, diseased and disabled animals, as well as lungs, spleens, gullets, intestines, bruised or emaciated muscle tissue.

The majority of canned products are 78% moisture. That's water and you're paying a high price for it.  The dry products consist primarily of a low cost, low quality grain protein.  While the quantity of protein may be adequate, the quality of protein is definitely not.  The result? A pet that is overfed and undernourished – like too many of his two-legged friends!

Commercial pet foods are deficient in many of the most essential amino acids (proteins). Further, the animal fat most often used for the fat content is beef tallow, a highly saturated fat which is difficult for your pet to digest and which must be preserved by a chemical antioxidant to prevent it from going rancid.  But, after all, it’s very cheap and who cares?

Your Pet is Worse Off Than You

You have a varied diet and a lot of choices.  You get fresh vegetables, meat and fruit.  The pet food you give your pet is his breakfast, lunch and dinner and is 100% processed. Even if you supplement with table scraps, that’s people food and does not take into account the special nutritional needs of the animal.

People, dogs and cats

People, dogs and cats all require a regular dietary supply of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids to stay healthy or even to survive, for that matter.  However, species by species, the amount and importance of specific essential nutrients varied considerably.  For years, Lewis Laboratories has made complete, balanced nutritional supplements for people.  Staminex and RDA are just two of them and they are, without question, leaders in the nutritional field.  However, dogs and cats are just as different from each other as they are from people. That is why Lewis Laboratories has made two totally different products – Dog Formula and Cat Formula. Each product is scientifically formulated to provide the specific nutritional requirements of the separate species. These two products are powders and a small amount added to your pet’s daily ration makes up for any nutritional deficiencies there might be in needed vitamins, minerals, protein, fat or any other essentials.

People need only eight essential amino acids.  Dogs require ten. Among these, dogs need a very high supply of methionine and triptophane, which are absent in most commercial rations. Dog Formula is 40% high quality protein, readily digestible. With these, and all other essential amino acids, in proper balance.  Dog formula also provides digestive enzymes to assist the dog in metabolizing the rest of his ration. A dog has a great need for fat, but not just any fat.  The fat in dog formula is high quality, unsaturated oil; rich in linoleic acid which gives a rich, glossy coat. These natural oils require no artificial preservatives because they have their own built-in antioxidants which are Vitamin E fractions. There are so many exceptional aspects to Dog Formula it would require pages even to list them. The main point is Dog Formula provides 100% of all vitamins, minerals and other nutrients recognized by the National Academy of Science Subcommittee on Dog Nutrition, as well as other important factors which lead to healthy skin and coat, stamina, muscle tone, alertness and resistance to disease.