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We regret this yeast is no longer being grown - we do still have a small quantity of the Buds and Flakes available.   Please check our Home Page News for updates on our new Yeast.   You may want to take a look at our Fabulous Fiber.

This unique formulation combines the natural fiber needed to normalize and regulate the digestive system with the nutritional richness of our good-tasting imported brewer's yeast. You should experience positive benefits after only five days of regular use. GLUTEN FREE. CONTAINS PSYLLIUM SEED.

Lewis Laboratories' Fiber YeastTM combines the natural fiber needed daily to normalize and regulate the digestive system with the nutritional richness of good tasting Lewis Labs’ 100% Pure Premium Imported Brewer’s Yeast. For most people, this remarkable product provides a simple solution to many digestive and nutritional problems.

The vital role fiber plays in our nutritional process has only recently been recognized yet it is one of the most important deficiencies in the normal American diet.

Many authorities believe diets low in fiber are responsible for most, if not all, disorders involving digestion and elimination. Such problems as constipation, diarrhea, hiatal hernia, colitis, gallstones, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, varicose veins and diabetes, to name just a few, could be largely avoided by eating a daily diet high in fiber. These and other complaints of modern western man are virtually unknown in those parts of the world where fiber plays a major role in the local diet.

One of the fringe benefits of an adequate fiber diet is that it may aid in the prevention of disease. Its real function is to regulate and normalize the way in which your body metabolizes nutrients. It provides the means to move things smoothly through the system. Think of fiber as a train loaded with food moving at a steady pace through the intestines. As the train unloads nutrition, it picks up toxins and waste from all the systems of your complex organism. This detoxifying of our bodies is a very important function of fiber. Fiber increases the water content of the wastes, producing bulkier but soft, well-formed stools. This steady movement through the intestines maximizes the absorption of nutrients and blocks fermentation and infection in the digestive tract.

How can you be sure you are getting enough fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain to provide the needed daily fiber intake? It is often difficult to know. However, research by Lewis Laboratories has developed a concentrated blend of the three natural fibers from grain, vegetables and fruit which they have combined with their 100% Pure Premium Imported Brewer's Yeast. This product is called Lewis Labs' Fiber YeastTM and provides an easy and nutritious way to get an adequate supply of the natural fibers you need every day. The technique which enables the three natural sources of fiber to be balanced and combined, is one of those rare new developments in nutrition. This amazing fiber combination has the ability to regulate the rate of absorption of sugar and carbohydrates and modifies the rapid rise in blood sugar after ingesting carbohydrates. The combination is also remarkably efficient in removing heavy metals and toxins. In all respects, it is the ideal dietary fiber.

Until now, most people have turned to a wheat-bran product to supplement their fiber intake. Bran is not an ideal answer. First of all, most bran cereals have very little actual fiber _ lots of sugar, but not much bran. The same is true of most bran breads _ a little bran added to a lot of processed flour. Why? Because pure wheat-bran is very bitter.

In addition, wheat-bran tends to accelerate the passage time of food through the intestines. This can interfere with the proper absorption of nutrients, which takes place in the intestines. Even worse, it contains a lot of phytic acid which binds with and robs you of calcium, magnesium and other essential trace minerals and metals before they can be absorbed into your body. It is a harsh type of fiber.

If you think of fiber or roughage as something coarse and bulky, like black bread or gritty cereal, you are like most people and you are mistaken. In fact, reduced to a natural concentrate, the blend of pure natural vegetables, fruit and grain fiber, developed by Lewis Laboratories, is a fine light-colored soluble powder. Since it absorbs water in the body to create bulk, only a small amount is required to fulfill your fiber needs each day. Actually, this natural fiber concentrate has twice the bulking capacity of bran-fiber, with none of its drawbacks.

When this remarkable fiber combination is added to Lewis Laboratories' 100% Pure Premium Imported Brewer's Yeast, you have an almost perfect nutritional supplement. It provides a large part of what is missing in most diets. This Fiber Yeast includes many factors hard to find in any other foods.

Lewis Laboratories' 100% Pure Premium Imported Brewer's Yeast is extraordinarily rich in nucleic acid, a basic element in cell development and believed to retard the aging process. It is the best nutritional source of chromium which occurs in brewer's yeast in an organic compound known as GTF (glucose tolerance factor). This vital factor is found in few other foods and is essential for the production of functionally effective insulin, without which the body cannot properly handle glucose _ its major fuel.

Lewis Laboratories' 100% Pure Premium Imported Brewer's Yeast is exceptionally rich in selenium, chromium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc and other factors natural to yeast. It is one of the best natural sources of the entire B-Vitamin complex. It is a superb source of protein, including all the essential amino acids.

Lewis Laboratories' Fiber YeastTM is indeed a superb product. After only five days of daily use, you will experience benefits you will recognize. You will feel better, you will have better digestion and, in many respects, you will know you have done something good for yourself. Lewis Labs' Fiber YeastTM is available at independent health food stores everywhere.