As a testimonial, the Lewis Labs Dog Formula® really makes a comfortable difference with my 4 dogs.  I have two 11 yrs, 14yrs, and a 2 year old.  Their skin and coats have a noticeable difference along with their energy levels. Joints and hips have improved too.  I think of ways to increase their longevity and I didn't know how non-nutritious regular dog food is.

Thanks I saw your ad in E magazine

"Grand results from Lewis Labs Dog Formula® for my 7 year male golden retriever......massive lessening of his shedding. HURRAH"

(P.H. Arizona) July 2008

Dear Lewis Laboratories,                                                         

I am not in the habit of writing thank you notes to corporations but I do want to thank you for manufacturing the product, Lewis Labs Dog Formula®.  A few years ago, my father suffered a stroke and I became one of his caretakers along with other family members.  My father's dog "Buster" had been his faithful companion after the death of my mother and we gathered to discuss the future of my father and Buster.  "Buster" is a chocolate lab mix of advanced age that had been adopted as an adult about 12 years ago. His health appeared to diminish with the years. In spite of frequent baths he had developed a strong doggy odor, he was listless, his eyes cloudy and he spent most of his time napping.  The walks he so enjoyed seemed to be an effort for him and his legs would occasionally collapse when he would try to move faster than a walk.  My sister said the first thing to do was to take him to a veterinarian for a physical examination.

The vet did a complete workup and told us Buster is not diseased but has ailments typical for a dog of his advanced age. He asked about his diet (my Dad fed him some table scraps along with ordinary dog food) and said that perhaps a diet designed for older dogs might be in order.   He offered to euthanize him then or we could take him home, keep him comfortable and when the time came he were to call him and he would put Buster to sleep without pain. Buster is a wonderful dog deserved a better prognosis than that.

We brought him home and he went right to his bed for a nap.  I told anyone who seem interested, about Buster's condition and happened to hear from someone about your Lewis Labs Dog Formula®. I finally obtained some and was impressed with its ingredients. I figured it would not hurt to try it for a while if Buster would agree.  I mixed it with some of table scraps and Buster seemed to enjoy it. I added the recommended amount to his food every day. 

Seldom have I been so pleased with any product. In a few weeks Buster's energy had noticeably improved.  The only change in his life was the addition of Lewis Labs Dog Formula® to his diet.   His coat lost the dryness and developed a nice sheen, the strong doggy odor lessened; he became eager to go for walks and even would successfully climb stairs that he had avoided previously. I was amazed that his eyes became bright with only a hint of cloudiness. He is enjoying himself again.  The change was apparent to everyone and we could not be more delighted. Both my father and Buster are doing very well now and enjoying their time together.  We all thank you for it.  I am enclosing a snapshot of Buster (he is the one on the left) with my dad taken on Dad's 92nd birthday. I recommend Lewis Labs Dog Formula® to anyone concerned with improving the condition of an older dog in spite of the hoops one must go through to obtain it.


Bill H., CT

Dear Lewis Labs:

Correction: our dog Everest is 15 years old and your supplement not only revived his strength for the Oral surgery, which prepared him for the much dreaded and critical anesthesia survival ordeal but Lewis Labs Dog Formula® also facilitated his healthy recovery. I am convinced that your product was most beneficial in Everest surviving this ordeal, pre-op. and post op., especially considering his age and the state of his heath prior to the operation...Many thanks to you!!!!

Stuart and Angie S., MI

Our Italian Greyhound, Everest, recently went through surgery at 13 years of age.  I believe that your Lewis Labs Dog Formula® was crucial in assisting his recovery. My wife and I are very impressed with your products. You people really do your homework and this proves out in your products.  My wife and I will be steady customers for years to come.

Thank you for being there.


Stuart and Angie S.  MI

Hello,I have just started using Weigh Down, and found it excellent.

Christopher B.

Ya'll are great !

I used to be able to buy Lewis Labs Weigh Down® from a Health Food Store when I  lived in New Orleans but haven't been able to find it since.

LOVE this product. The thing I remember liking about your product the best is the texture: so extra thick and creamy; and of course the taste - just like drinking a  milkshake; then too, it kept me full longer than other brands.

Thanks again for your marvelous help,
Cathy C.




Dear Lewis Labs

I have managed to lose 20 lbs on your Weigh Down Formula.

After 9 years of being overweight & trying every diet, I have finally found a product I can live with that helps me lose weight & keep it off. Thank you Lewis Labs for your 100 calorie Weigh Down formula.

I am 5ft 2in and of small build. After years of practice I can say I am good to lose weight and keep it off by committing to 1,000 calories or under a day. This is a life long commitment.

I take your 100 calorie serving of Weigh Down and mixed it with water, never milk, for breakfast and dinner. For lunch I eat some fresh protein and vegetables with a little olive oil and black pepper. No salt is added to any food.

I drink lots of water in between meals and if I get really ravenous, I may snack on tomatoes, a piece of cucumber, avocado or a boiled egg... at night I always need something sweet and a few strawberries or piece of watermelon does the trick. Weight comes right back on if I eat a nut, piece of cheese or fried food of any kind.  If I break my rule one day I make it up on the next!

I have found the only way to keep it off is to stick to the program for the most part. I still have another 15lbs to go. Occasionally, I go out to dinner in the evening in which case I take your Weigh Down formula for lunch.

I have had to cut out pasta, rice, bread, butter,potatoes and bananas - and I never walk down the chip aisle in a supermarket.

In order to lose weight I have had to totally cut out all dairy products, including milk and butter, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, bananas and nuts.

But I have to tell you I feel a lot more energetic and brighter. My skin and my hair is looking great. Overall I look and feel so much better.

Thank you again for your wonderful product and I hope you never stop producing it.


Zoey B.

Your product arrived in a most timely manner and this is to inform you that I have noticed immediate results from the product. After two (2) portions, PM and AM, I can literally feel a subtle but enhanced sense of wellbeing, alertness and increased energy. Lewis Labs Staminex®, at least with me, seems to somehow impact hunger and takes the edge off hunger pangs, reduces cravings and somehow softens the desire to eat for the sake of eating. This I think is part of the 'magic' you allude to, at least with me it is. I have been aware of nutritional needs for many years now and your product is truly remarkable - I have never experienced anything like Lewis Labs Staminex®.

Thank you and rest assured, I shall sing the praises of your product to friends and family. Please feel free to use this comment and my name for promotional purposes, if you are so inclined to do so.