Your product arrived in a most timely manner and this is to inform you that I have noticed immediate results from the product. After two (2) portions, PM and AM, I can literally feel a subtle but enhanced sense of wellbeing, alertness and increased energy. Lewis Labs Staminex®, at least with me, seems to somehow impact hunger and takes the edge off hunger pangs, reduces cravings and somehow softens the desire to eat for the sake of eating. This I think is part of the 'magic' you allude to, at least with me it is. I have been aware of nutritional needs for many years now and your product is truly remarkable - I have never experienced anything like Lewis Labs Staminex®.

Thank you and rest assured, I shall sing the praises of your product to friends and family. Please feel free to use this comment and my name for promotional purposes, if you are so inclined to do so. 


I forgot to mention that we first took Lewis Labs Staminex® over 15 years ago when we were on the road as a husband-wife truck driving team.  It helped us cope with long hours and difficult conditions.  In spite of what can be a quite stressful occupation, we were rarely sick, and if we were under the weather it was usually mild compared to what others with the same colds, flu or whatever were experiencing.  For whatever reason we got away from using it for a period of years, but are glad to be back on it.  I don't think we realized how much it was helping us. 

At least one coworker of my husband's has asked about it, so we gave him a copy of the testimony from your website by the person who worked in the nuclear power facility (we really liked that one!), and referred him to the website itself.

I'm an RN at a long-term acute care facility taking care of many patients suffering from life-threatening, multisystem problems, many (if not most) of which are related to poor lifestyle choices--smoking, poor diet and exercise habits, etc.  I see the effects of those poor choices every day, and it's important to us to do what we can to take care of ourselves.

Again, thank you, best wishes and God bless.

Alison B.

My husband had a painful cut at the edge of his thumb nail from dry winter skin. Ordinarily one of these could take several weeks to heal, but was gone in about 3 days.

Thanks for a great product.

I just placed an order for Lewis Labs Staminex® and sent a few comments, but I forgot to mention that we started giving our dog and cat the appropriate formula for each. Our cat is diabetic, and our vet said he needs to eat wet (canned) food rather than dry. He loves the taste of the Lewis Labs Staminex® for cats -- If we mix a little in with whatever he's eating he eats everything.

Both animals are older, and we feel the Lewis Labs Staminex® helps them both. 


Alison B.

I stopped taking Lewis Labs Staminex® for a few months, but recently got back on track. Although it takes real desire for good health to get past the taste, it is well worth it! I noticed an immediate improvement with my energy level. Thanks!


I used to repair nuclear reactors for a living as a nuclear technician.  We would create one-of-a-kind robotics to repair specific problems in a reactor due to age and running conditions.  We would build these systems at our home site and then accompany them to the reactor site, set them up and do the work, then break them down, decontaminate them and send them back home to get repaired and refitted for the next site.  Sometimes we would work ten to twelve hour days, seven days a week, for months on end. Then we would take off to another reactor at another nuclear facility.

Once there, you would be "on site" for twelve to fourteen hours a day, seven days a week.  Sometimes you would be working in a high radiation area, where your time, exposure to radiation, and work skills would be part of what they call "critical path", which meant that your job was the most important job at the nuclear site, not to mention under intense scrutiny by the people paying you to do the job and also the people who were there to protect you from overexposure and safety.  Talk about pressure!  You might have to fly across the country, 'challenge' a five day test just to get into the facility, jump into a high radiation area on critical path, and be able to have the energy, stamina, and clarity to complete the job.  Not to mention wearing all of the protective clothing; four to six pairs of gloves, mechanic-type overalls covered in water proof wet suits, and a full face respirator whose face shield fogged over every time you breathed and filled up with sweat that would slosh around inside it. It wasn't always like that every day, but sometimes you worked for up to twenty-eight days before you got a day off.

I needed something that was going to help me in getting over jet-lag, give me energy to get through the day for endurance, and also something to help handle the stress of the day to day working conditions, not to mention being thousands of miles away from home and family.

I had been using Lewis Labs Staminex® for years before this job and had only thought of it as a supplement that gave me the vitamins, proteins and minerals that I needed on a daily basis.  It was only when I started working as a nuclear tech that I discovered it's real potential and benefits.  When other coworkers started complaining about how tired and run down they were getting I suggested that they try what I was using.  Of course, after the sniff and gag of the first sip (you never claimed that it tasted good and I always warned people that I thought that it looks, smells, and tastes like farm dirt, and there is nothing better to grow big and healthy plants and animals than farm dirt!  Actually, my wife sometimes asks me if I had my 'dirt' in the morning.) I got some converts who swore that they could feel the results after just the first few days.  Some went for the Lewis Labs RDA® because it tasted better and didn't have any meat in it and others went for the Lewis Labs Over40® for obvious reasons but, all in all, they were impressed with the product and the results.  So I can positively say that three out of five nuclear workers prefer Lewis Laboratory products over beer and burritos!

In my opinion, your products have been field tested in some of the roughest working conditions in the world and have come through for me and fellow coworkers. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a supplement to help them get over tough working and living conditions.


I used your Lewis Labs Staminex with Ginseng® during the 80's and was very successful at losing a large amount of weight and keeping it off for some time. Then, for some reason, the stores in Northern California where I purchased it stopped carrying it.

I was told that Lewis Labs Staminex® was no longer being made.

After an injury where I couldn't exercise for about a year, I gained all the weight back and feel that this would not have happened if I had known where to obtain your protein supplement. 

Just on a whim, today, I put the Lewis Labs Staminex® name into Google search, found you, and discovered that I had been lied to by the health food store. 

Since then, I've tried other protein supplements [Atkins, MRM with L-Glutamine added (I discovered that this amino acid completely takes away my desire for sweet, sugary snacks)] and many others and none of them have even come close to being as effective as Lewis Labs Staminex®. 

Even though the taste made it difficult to take -- I would mix Lewis Labs Staminex® in a small amount of really cold water with a sugar substitute and drink it down quickly in two to four swallows -- I cannot wait to taste it. 

Now that I've found your product again, I feel confident of achieving my weight loss goals once more and keeping the weight off for good.

T. B., CA

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